Axis Mundi UK

Nicolas Fenouillat, 2013
700cm x 50cm
5 troncs de mélèze
Commande publique pour le parc “The Walks”, King’s Lynn (UK)


Axis Mundi, cinq mats plantés dans le sol espacés d’une même longueur, formant une ligne droite d’est en ouest et traversent l’axe de greenwich dans le parc “The Walks” à King’s Lynn.
Une baguette de batterie est sculptée au bout de chaque tronc d’arbre.
Les baguettes érigées forment l’Axis Mundi, axe qui soutient la voûte céleste et assure la liaison avec la terre.
Le aprc “The Walks” devient le centre du monde et/ou la connexion entre le Ciel et la Terre.


« Well my arrows are made of desire » Voodoo Chile/J.Hendrix
Axis Mundi UK, is five masts planted in the ground, spaced out by the same length, forming a perfect line. The tip of every mast is sculpted into the form of a drum stick.
These masts form a line which gives a harmonious feel to the areas in which they are placed. Of a height between 6,5 to 7 meters, the vertical positioning, at eye level, confers to a reference point in the atmosphere. These masts will be sculpted at different heights to equalize the irregularities of the ground.
In homage to Roger Taylor, drummer of “The Queen”, Axis Mundi UK is installed on “The King Lynn’s Walk “which means that when crossing the site there is the possibility of discovering new perspectives and points of view… In the end, the work offers the spectator, an individual, but also collective experience because it is installed in a public place. What I like here is the dialogue between the sculptures, with their environment and the movement of the spectator. These masts like the roots of trees coming out of the ground join the verticality of the ascent.
The root loses its tip and a baguette appears stretching towards the light.
The masts form Axis Mundi, that is, an axis which supports the night sky and insures a connection between the sky and the earth. In resonance with the Axis Mundi of Amiens, Axis Mundi UK is a set of five masts positioned in the line goes to Est to West like the site of Stonehenge and evokes the spirituality of the place.

Where ? parc “The Walks” , King’s Lynn (UK), 2013